What is CoBrowsing?

CoBrowsing, or Collaborative Browsing, Enables You to Observe and Guide Your Online Visitors

Agent CoBrowsing screenCoBrowsing visitor's cursor on agent's screenCoBrowsing agent's own cursorCoBrowsing customers screenCoBrowsing operator cursor on customer screenCoBrowsing customer's own cursor
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CoBrowsing literally puts service representatives on the same web or mobile page with visitors. Joint, dual-cursor navigation from a common visual point of reference helps guide customers past sticking points

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Benefits of CoBrowsing

Collaborative browsing removes complexity

Remove Complexity

Improve Efficiency with co-browsing

Improve Efficiency

Guided browsing helps exceed customer expectations

Exceed Expectations

Why CoBrowsing?

Resolve issues faster with CoBrowsing
Resolve customer issues faster

CoBrowsing provides valuable visual context that lets representatives co-pilot visitor leading to decreased handle times and higher customer satisfaction.

Anticipate needs with Live Observation
Anticipate needs with Live Observation

CoBrowsing’s “Observation” mode gives representatives context to anticipate customer needs before the first question is asked, enhancing the customer experience.

Secure Form Fill
Secure conversion assistance

Securely help customers through the last mile by helping them complete online forms without exposing sensitive personal information or letting representatives click the submit button.

Enhance phone calls with CoBrowsing
Add a visual dimension to phone calls

Phone are often an inefficient back-and-forth of explanation and interpretation. Adding common visual context removes ambiguity. Try it yourself.

Co-browsing minimizes friction and drop-offs
Minimize friction and drop-offs

Complex transactions or lengthy forms often provide customers with numerous exit opportunities. Guide customers past sticking points on-screen for satisfied customers and increased conversions.

CoBrowsing adds context and personalization to interactions
Contextualize and personalize

Shared screen experiences from CoBrowsing combined with screen pop data from CRMs helps agents personalize customer interactions as part of a Digital Customer Service strategy.

CoBrowsing the Movie

Learn about CoBrowsing in a fun two-minute animated flick

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Experience Guided Phone Support

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Start Conversations a Step Ahead with Live Observation

20% faster issue resolution and drastic reductions to Customer Effort Scores. Using Live Observation, view customer browsing sessions in real-time and watch the caller fill out forms or navigate through your site.
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CoBrowsing and Screensharing for Efficiency as well as Experience

Increase conversion by over 110%, enhance interactions and keep communication efficient. Dual-cursor CoBrowsing and instant screensharing facilitates collaboration with your customers on Web Forms, PDFs, Portals, Apps or any existing digital property you manage.
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